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Jagger Mafia “Hottie of the Day”



Tiger is Back!!!

Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup opening ceremony today.

Another Reason For Me To HATE Herm Edwards

He had the balls to call out Dez over the $55,000 dinner tab The Boys rang up on their night out. This douche was 0-4 in the playoffs, was 2-14 the last year he coached in KC before they bounced his loser ass out of there, and was 4-12 the year before that.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, now they have a segment on ESPN where he’s the Herminator… and it’s more embarassing than his record in KC.


6 Sports That Produce the Hottest Women

You gotta love females and sports… and I’m not talkin’ WNBA!


Cowboys Cheerleaders with Horny Sorry Looking Dudes


Can’t a sap  guy get a pic with the hottest cheerleaders in the world…


Video: The Dirtiest Chinese Soccer Player Ever

Chinese soccer is sweet when there is a 5 minute video dedicated to one spaz. I want to meet this guy…


Chicks In Tight White Ass Hugging Pants

Is it just me or are chicks who wear white pants like magnets to everyone’s eyes? And do you have thoughts that these girls are at least a wee bit slutty?

Of course, I’m talking about those ass hugging tight white pants that leave little to the imagination, nothing loose-fitting. Just the kind that make you think the chick wearing them was poured into them they are so tight.  Enjoy the slide show of tight white ass hugging pants…


Video: Texas Pee Wee Football Coaches Sideline Fight

This whole incident is nothing short of crazy.  PeeWee football coaches engage in a brawl after two players begin shoving each other on the field.  Some of the 11-year-old players attempt to restrain the coaches, but to no avail.  And for their punishment, the kids can’t go to the playoffs.

Here is the news report on the incident.  See if you can make any sense of their actions…


Video: This Bear Is Not What You Think It Is

There’s a lesson in this video somewhere. Remember: The only safe hugging is no hugging at all…


Videos: Music Mash Ups of the Month

Some of the videos have a static shot while the song plays, others have tons of editing using all the artists. Either way, these are some pretty good mash ups of the month…


Video: Nuts Model Sam Grierson

The gorgeous Sam Grierson shows Nuts her assets in this video…