The 5 Hottest Videos Of Girls Playing Nintendo Wii

Check out the top 5 videos after the jump…

#5 The Perfect Wii Booty Warning: this video might give you a pants Soda Popinksi

#4 Smoking Hot Brunette Plays Wii Guitar Hero – Somewhere in the universe, Jimi Hendrix just gave Stevie Ray Vaughan a high five.

#3 Latin Goddess Plays Wii Hula Hoop In A Thong! – Hopefully she didn’t get a “Wii Wedgie” because those things are really hard to pull out.

#2 Playboy Cyber Girl Jo Garcia Gets Her Wii On – Mark my words, one day Playboy Cyber Girls will take over the world. You know, because they’re hot robots and stuff.

#1 Zoo Weekly’s Emma Frain Gets Wii Fit – And suddenly I’m thirst for a tall glass of breast milk.

Sorry! Just making sure you scrolled all the way to the bottom! LOL


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