The 5 Coolest Trick Plays In Sports (videos)

The fumblerooski, the statue of liberty, the reverse pass. Is there anything better than seeing one of these trick plays being pulled off?

#5.  Reverse Pass

I’m surprised Pittsburgh didn’t run this more a few years ago, with two former quarterbacks playing receiver for them. Antwaan Randle El and Hines Ward both were exceptional signal callers in their college days.

4. Through-The-Leg Tennis Shot

This one’s seen all the time, but it never gets old seeing a pro like Roger Federrer pull it off.

The concentration and precision that goes along with pulling this off is astounding. No wonder the guy is one of the top tennis players ever.

3. Hook and Ladder

And we finally arrive at the Boise State plays.

When this is executed perfectly, it is arguably the prettiest play in sports. If set up well, the trailing receiver should have tons of space to work with after the pitch.

2. Statue of Liberty

Chris Peterson had to be insane to go with such a play call. But it worked, and his Broncos will forever be known for their victory against the Sooners.

Quarterback Jared Zabransky fakes the throw while tucking the ball behind his back. Johnson is just able to take it and run easily for the end zone.

1. The Fumblerooski
And finally, the mother of all football trick plays.

Nebraska made the play famous in 1984. Ever since, linemen have been waiting for the day when their coach would give them the chance to carry the ball.


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