The 10 Hottest Dance Teams in Sports (videos)

Sure, we all attend sporting events for to cheer on our favorite teams, but sometimes we need a little extra entertainment.  That’s where the dance team comes in.

Whether you’re watching an NFL game or college basketball, these lovely ladies make sitting through halftime bearable.  Where are the best dancers? Where are the most beautiful women?

Here are the top ten hottest dance team videos in sports…

#10.  Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings Dance Team has been criticized in the past for being “too sexy.”

#9.  Nuggets Girls

The Denver Nuggets Girls do a little striptease for us in this video.

#8.  Laker Girls

No matter how much we may hate the Lakers, we all find it difficult to hate the Laker Girls.

#7.  Viper Vixens

The Viper Vixens are probably the only reason you’d attend an Alabama Vipers game.

#6. Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns Dancers bring some attitude in this routine.

#5.  ASU

The best thing about ASU’s dance team is…  There are so many of them!

#4.  UNLV

The UNLV Dance Team represents Las Vegas in this routine (naturally).

#3.  Mavs Dancers

Greatest contribution to the history of the Mavs from Mark Cuban.

#2.  Miami Heat

The Heat Dancers are known for being the sexiest in the NBA.

And this is video footage that I shot personally at the 2009 Draft Party at the Arlington Convention Center.

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