The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players: Troy Aikman at #80, Tony Dorsett at #77

NFL Films, responsible for 46 years of award-winning television and film productions, debuted its latest highly anticipated series on NFL Network entitled The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players on Friday, September 3.

The question of “Who is the greatest player in NFL history?” is a subject that links generations and resonates with all NFL fans. The series, rolling out during 10 one-hour episodes this fall, reveals the greatest players of all-time, counting down from 100 to 1, as determined by a blue-ribbon panel of knowledgeable football minds.

With 10 players revealed in each episode through the eyes of 10 presenters, The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Playerspossesses the true framework of a project synonymous with NFL Films through its blend of masterful storytelling and personal meaning.

Here are the latest Cowboys in the Top 100: #80 Troy Aikman and #77 Tony Dorsett

And previously in the countdown at #95 Larry Allen and at #92 Michael Irvin


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