RUMOUR – Cowboys On The Verge of Firing Wade Phillips

Kevin Lee

Written by Kevin Lee
on September 22, 2010

UPDATE – 7pm EST – One of my original two sources on this story has stated that Jerry Jones wants a longterm solution for his HC and is really working the phones about getting this done.  Believe it or not, the name of Jimmy Johnson has been mentioned to me before but not until getting confirmation at dinner tonight.   I now believe Johnson could actually be among one of the three former head coaches that Jones seriously wants roaming the Dallas sidelines.  Who would you take – Johnson, Billick or Cowher?UPDATE – 2pm EST – Jon Gruden has a clause in his MNF contract that won’t allow him to leave his analyst position to take the Cowboys HC position if Phillips was fired.  As well, Tony Dungee has gone on record as saying he won’t coach this year.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who follows the NFL that Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips is on a short leash.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has gone on the record saying that the 0-2 start is “quite a setback” for the organization.

Word now comes from two great sources close to the organization that Jones is gauging interest from a few former NFL head coaches currently working on TV networks.  CBS in-studio analyst Bill Cowher is Jones number one choice to replace Phillips.  His second choice is NFL Network/Fox analyst Brian Billick.  Both Cowher and Billick have Super Bowl rings, something Jones really wants to have when it comes to who will be leading his struggling team.

Many feel the players have tuned out Phillips and last Friday was a clear example of how this situation continues to snowball.  Phillips got into details on Monday about Friday’s practice.  “Do I think it could be better? Sure,” Phillips said.  “Do I think we had a bad practice Friday? Yes, we told them that in the meeting. We went back over it and said, ‘Hey, we didn’t practice well enough.’”  How does the same thing occur that has happened over the past two years under Phillips watch?  Enough is enough and now is the time for Jones to pull the plug on him.  It’s plain to see that the team has no identity and have tuned out Phillips.

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  1. I thank Not Firing Wade Philps.

    09/22/2010 at 10:40 PM

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