Take Your D-Bag Game To A Whole New Level With A Fake Tattoo Sleeve (video)

In the past year, infomercials have given us some shit products. From the emery board cat-claw clipper to the Shake Weight for Men. But this afternoon I saw something that even makes the Jerk-off Weight look less absurd.

If you can believe this, someone invented tattoo sleeves that you slide on and off your arms or chicken legs like stupid pantyhose. According to the ad, “they’re easy to apply, just add biceps and your done.” Really? Now people can turn their toolishness on and off?

Maybe they’d be good for a practical joke or even for your Halloween costume, but what an ass you would be if you were out in a club and some chick started hitting on you and rubbed her hand up and down your arm.  It can’t feel real and if you were lucky enough to be bangin’ her later how obvious would it be that your pull on tat sleeve was a fake! But wait, you’re gettin’ laid, so who cares!


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