Audio: Listen To “Going Down” by Kenny Powers & Aspektz

Inspired by and in cahoots with HBOMiller High Life and the seriously satirical series Eastbound and Down, the 7th Inning Mixtape arrives to fill our ears with classic Kenny Powers rants and the hip-hop chemical reaction of rapper Aspektz of True Thorobredz.

Aspektz stirs up a musical concoction full of sound bytes by all the show’s favorite characters.  Along with samples culled from Stevie Janowski and April Bigcannons, expect Danny McBride’s washed up hero of the the great American pastime – Coach Kenny “F’n” Powers – to deliver a memorable narrative as well.

Here’s the first leak off the album called Aspektz & Kenny Powers – Going Down.  (Aspektz’ 7th Inning Stretch streets on October 3rd.)

To listen, click here: aspektz-kenny-powers-going-down.mp3 (Language NSFW)


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