Videos: 10 Worst Celebration Fails in Sports

The only thing more entertaining than seeing an epic celebration is seeing an epic celebration FAIL. And I’m not talking about dudes who get injured or fall down in the act of celebrating—though that’s hilarious, too. For this countdown, we’re focusing on prematurecelebrations: players and coaches who THINK they’re on the verge of success but are in reality on the precipice of FAIL.

10. Running of the Bulls

Sport: Bullfighting
Date: July 2010
Set-up: During the final leg of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, this guy apparently thought he was the man because he got through a mediocre trample attempt by the bull. Not so fast, buddy: Mr. Horns didn’t take a liking to that and had dude in the fetal position cryin’ like a baby-back bitch.

9. Tom Cable and the Raiders

Sport: Football
Date: September 26, 2010
Set-up: Honestly, we can’t blame Tom and the rest of his team for looking like idiots jumping for joy when Seabass missed this 32-yard field goal. After all, he is the highest-paid kicker in NFL history and has made 90.2% of his field goals between 30 and 39 yards. But then again, he did miss two other ones that day…plus, it’s the Raiders. FAIL.

8. Runner

Sport: Track
Date: Unknown
Set-up: When you have a lead like this, a simple fist-pump doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. But what we don’t understand is how a little hand movement can cause a guy to lose all body control and make him eat earth. He could’ve rolled over and still got second place, but deciding to wallow in his own misery may have been the best choice. Wait…this wasn’t the Special Olympics, was it? Hope not. Or maybe, hope so…

7. Leon Lett

Sport: Football
Date: January 31, 1993
Set-up: This would have been higher on the list if the Cowboys didn’t demolish the Bills in Super Bowl XXVII. But if it were a close game and the Cowboys lost, blame definitely would have been put squarely on the shoulders of defensive tackle Leon Lett. After picking up a fumble, The Big Cat felt like starting his celebration at the five-yard line, but as he trotted into the end zone, Bills player Don Beebe came from behind to slap the ball away. The play resulted in a touchback (and a lot of interesting racial commentary), and all Leon did was become the laughingstock of the league—a feat he achieved again later on that year.

Leon Lett Bonus Video

6. Cyclist

Sport: Cycling
Date: Unknown
Set-up: This guy seriously couldn’t catch a break. Not only did he bust his ass trying to celebrate, but his attempt to get back on the bike failed horribly. Then, to follow that up, he gets passed and stunted on with the same move that cost him the race. All we can do is shake our heads and laugh uncontrollably.

5. Desean Jackson

Sport: Football
Date: September 16, 2008
Set-up: DeSean Jackson is a very talented receiver but—like many talented receivers—sometimes he can make some dumb-ass decisions. Take this play for example: McNabb throws him a bomb that should have been an easy TD, but Jackson decides he is allergic to pigskin and throws the ball away before he even scores. Luckily for him, the ball was placed at the one-yard line and the Eagles scored on the next play, but still a bonehead move nonetheless (and one that fucked over many a fantasy owner). At least he is consistent though: DeSean has been pulling moves like this since high school.

4. Goalkeeper

Sport: Soccer
Date: September 10, 2010
Set-up: When a keeper stops a penalty kick, he has the right to celebrate, so we can’t really blame Moroccan goalkeeper Khalid Askri for being happy after shutting this shot down. But timing is everything—what Askri failed to realize through all that gesticulating was that the ball was still spinning, eventually finding its way into the net. What makes this even worse is that his team ended up losing the shootout.

3. Bluegrass Miracle

Sport: Football
Date: November 9, 2002
Complex says: Kentucky thought they had pulled off an upset over one of the top football teams in the nation, the LSU Tigers. The Wildcats even doused their coach in Gatorade before the game was over. Man, was that a bad idea. Facing 91 yards, the Tigers threw two passes, one of which was a 74-yard heave by the QB, and scored the game-winning touchdown. Nick Saban went home with a win and Kentucky’s coach went home with an L…and a wet T-shirt.

2. Buzzer Beater

Sport: Basketball (Serbian league)
Date: April 24, 2010
Set-up: Quite possibly the biggest celebration fail in the history of basketball, this is one where words can’t do the video any justice. Now that’s how you shut a crowd the FUCK up. It was all good 0.6 seconds ago…

1. The Play

Sport: Football
Date: November 20, 1982
Set-up: To have a play be remembered simply as “The Play” means that something pretty fucking incredible must have happened—and that is exactly what the Cal Bears pulled off. With five laterals and multiple juke moves, Bears players returned this Stanford kickoff for a game-winning TD. The play was further immortalized because the Cardinals band had prematurely rushed the field, forcing the final Cal  ball holder to navigate around a bunch of red-suited nerds en route to the end zone. Except that one trombone player…yeah, he got pounded.


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