Video: Top 10 Boob Trick Videos

Boobs! All women have them, but not every woman can do tricks with her ta-tas. In a special salute to those ladies whose breasts are gifted with abilities beyond the norm, enjoy the videos of a bevy of women entertaining onlookers with their best boob tricks.

Here, model Masuimi Max shows off her mammary puppetry for photographer and filmmaker Clayton Cubitt.

The Auto Show Boob Trick

The Boob Beer Opener

The Useless Cleavage Lipstick Trick

The ‘Drink a Beer with your Boobs’ Trick

Four Minutes of Katy Perry’s Whip Cream Dispenser Breasts

You know how anime girls can just pull random stuff out from their cleavage. Well…

Boob Beer Can Smash

How to Smash Watermelons with your Boobs

And the best trick ever… get them in a wet t-shirt contest!


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