Video: Top 10 Sexiest Video Hotties

Fuse TV recently conducted a survey to determine pop music’s “Top 10 Sexiest Video Hotties” . . . and after all the votes were counted, BEYONCÉ came out on top.  She received the honor for her “Sweet Dreams” video…

#2.)  KATY PERRY, for her “Teenage Dream”

#3.)  BRITNEY SPEARS, for her “Womanizer”

#4.)  LADY GAGA, for her “Bad Romance”

#5.)  FERGIE, for her “London Bridge”

#6.)  RIHANNA, for her “Hard”

#7.)  CHRISTINA AGUILERA, for her “Dirrty”

#8.)  PINK, for her “Sober”

#9.)  SHAKIRA, for her “She Wolf”

#10.)  NICKI MINAJ, for her “Massive Attack”


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