Fight Video “Fight of the Night”

This one will take you back to Saturday, where there was yet another goal scorer who wanted to prove that putting the puck in the net isn’t all his hands are good for.

Last weekend we witnessed the likes of Pavel Datsyuk, Corey Perry, Ilya Kovalchuk and Mike Green drop the gloves and throw some bombs.



Video: Fan Fights! Fists Fly at Miami vs. FSU Game

According to the caption on YouTube, it took cops so long to respond to this because “this was happening all over the stadium.” Here’s the same fight from 2 different video perspectives…


Video: Dong-Flashing NASCAR Fan

After being asked to leave his seat by security at Pocono Raceway, he obliged, but not before unleashing his crank and giving it a little shake in the face of the man who got him kicked out.

So how does one react to having a stranger’s dong waved in their face?  Exactly how you would expect them to react, by taking him down!


Video: Hockey Fight of the Night

With only two games on yesterday’s NHL schedule, and only one fight breaking out over the course of that 120+ minutes, there was not much of a decision for the “Hockey Fight of the Night.”

But that didn’t turn out to be much of a problem as the only fight of the night did provide some entertainment as the Detroit Red Wings’ Doug Janik took several punches to the face courtesy of the Colorado Avalanche’s Cody McLeod…


Video: Lingerie Football Fan Fight! And They Aren’t Even Fighting Over A Chick In Lingerie!

You know how we know the Lingerie Football League matters and should be taken very, very seriously as a form of sports entertainment?

There are dudes willing to get kicked out of a Lingerie Football League game for fighting – each other!


Morons That Like To Fight On The Golf Course

I must admit I love watching completely useless pieces of trash fight and talk shit, but how do they all end up on the golf course…


Videos: Proof That Powder Puff Football Can Get Aggressive


I always thought powder puff was the dumbest thing in the world. The sad thing is chicks take it seriously and try to kick ass, only making them look more foolish. The only thing I’ll concede is that sometimes the chicks look sexy. Other than that, it’s a total debacle.

Well, it gives me great pleasure to present you with a video gallery of chicks spazzing out during powder puff football. Just so we are clear… we are not laughing with you… we are laughing at you….


Video: Talking Shit At Texans vs. Cowboys Tailgate Gets You Sucker Punched, Kicked In The Face

It’s one thing to sucker punch a dude when he’s not looking, but kicking him in the face when his bloodied mug is against a truck tire is another violation of man code.

Turn up the volume and you can hear foot meeting trash talker’s face… you can stop watching after the 1st minute, nothing happens beyond that besides arrests being made…


Video: Multiple Lions Attack Dumbass Trainer

Note: the trainer is already bleeding from the first attack when this video starts. So you have to wonder why an entire circus tent of people are still in there goading the animals. Team Lion on this one!


Video: Texas Pee Wee Football Coaches Sideline Fight

This whole incident is nothing short of crazy.  PeeWee football coaches engage in a brawl after two players begin shoving each other on the field.  Some of the 11-year-old players attempt to restrain the coaches, but to no avail.  And for their punishment, the kids can’t go to the playoffs.

Here is the news report on the incident.  See if you can make any sense of their actions…


Eagles Fan Wearing Tube Socks, Dawkins Jersey Dropping Bombs On Jags Fan

Premise of Video: Just another shitty Sunday in Jacksonville and the Eagles are in town to put a beating on the home team. The fans decide the action on the field sucks so it’s time for some trash talk and fists. Of course the Eagles fan is happy to oblige. These morons go through grade school and take music, math, science, grammar and fighting.

Climax of Video: It gets going pretty quickly. Dawkins guy in the tube socks starts pounding Jags fan about 10 seconds in.

Conclusion: Of course Eagles fan claims Jag fans started the shit. Yeah, right…