Video: The Texas Rangers Win in the Post Season!

This is from a fellow Jagger  Mafia member, Andrew Boat.  Nice job Andrew and Go Rangers!!!



Video: Don’t Stop Believing – SF Giants 2010 Anthem

If you’re a baseball fan, even if you’re not a Giants fan, you gotta appreciate this video…


Mickey Mantle Nude in the Locker Room

This picture ended up, on of all places, and seems to be a legit pic from the 1950’s.  Obviously Mantle is not a shy guy and it’s funny to see everyone else in the locker room dressed in suites and fedoras from that era.

The ESPN magazine “Body Issue” would have been all over mantle if they were publishing that issue back then.

Is Mantle a slugger?  You make the call…


Sexy Superfans of the 2010 MLB Playoffs: Rangers vs. Rays


2010 MLB Division Series Broadcast Schedule



The TB Rays Need to Learn How to ‘Dougie’

Here are a few players from the Tampa Rays – specifically someone named Reid Brignac – doing ‘the Dougie’ while celebrating their AL East Crown last night.  Watch their video and then if you really wanna learn how to ‘Dougie’ you can watch the Cali Swag District video for the real deal…