Video: Famous Last Words Mash-Up

A collection of famous last words uttered in memorable movies. Be them the ironic sort, like Sam Jackson’s stirring speech before being eaten by a shark in Deep Blue Sea or the tragic sort, like Optimus Prime’s final words in Transformers.



Actors Your Parents Can’t Tell Apart

Jessie Eisenberg & Michael Cera

We love our parents. Not only are they sweet, and fun, and smart, but they make us feel smug when we get to explain to them that not all curly-haired actors under thirty are Michael Cera. The truth is we’re starting to have a hard time telling the difference between under-age popstars, but we’re comforted by the fact that we know the difference between Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen (most of the time).


6 Sexy Shower Scenes In The Movies

Susan Ward and Leila Arcieri in Wild Things 2

Though Leila Arcieri is very good-looking too, Susan Ward is an absolute stunner, and well worth the ticket price to see the film alone. If you were one of those precious few thousand that did, we salute you.

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Jessica Alba’s ‘Machete’ Nude Scene

Jessica Alba sort of did a nude scene in Machete. I say sort of because the scene was filmed with Jessica in her bra and panties. They digitally removed them later to make it seem like she was naked.


Trailer for ‘THE FIGHTER’ (video)

The Fighter hits theaters in December and stars Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams.

Check out the preview, looks pretty good…


This Is How You Make A Bad Ass, Action, Adventure Movie! (video)

It’s totally over the top, but awesome in its own right!

This is a scene from the most expensive telegu movie ever made, “Magadheera”.

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