Video: Cowboys Final Play Against The Vikings

This is the circus play that ended a very bad day for the Cowboys.  At least we can get a laugh out of this, thanks to the Benny Hill music soundtrack…



Video: Texans Cheerleaders Doing it in Pink

No One Is Allowed To Complain About Breast Cancer Awareness Month…


VIDEO: Taiwanese CGI Animators Take on Brett Favre Scandal

You knew the Taiwanese animated depiction of the Brett Favre scandal was inevitable, and here it is, as good as you imagined…


Video: Brett Favre Gets Hit In The Balls (Plus 2 Bonus Pics)

There are a lot of videos out there with the Favre footage, but this one adds The Simpsons to make it that much funnier…


The Randy Moss – Tom Brady Altercation

Randy Moss told Tom Brady his haircut made him look like a girl…

Do You Want to See Brett Favre’s Crank? (Really?) (Are You Sure?) finally posted the tapes of Brett Favre’s voice mails to Jen Sterger and the cell pics that he apparently sent her of his junk. If you really miss ChatRoulette, and really want to see Favre’s stuff, then click away…


Pretty in Pink: NFL Cheerleaders for Breast Cancer Awareness


Video: Talking Shit At Texans vs. Cowboys Tailgate Gets You Sucker Punched, Kicked In The Face

It’s one thing to sucker punch a dude when he’s not looking, but kicking him in the face when his bloodied mug is against a truck tire is another violation of man code.

Turn up the volume and you can hear foot meeting trash talker’s face… you can stop watching after the 1st minute, nothing happens beyond that besides arrests being made…


Meet Lord Romo, Super Cowboys Fan

Lord Romo of Douchebaggery helms from the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
I can only imagine that his saucy companion had to forcibly remove the “Lady Jessica” lettering from her flowing gowns.
Time to quote the Bard:
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
So here’s to thee, Lord Romo.

But wait, meet Lord Witten and Jester Jones…


Jerry Jones Hit With Sexual Assault Suit

From D Magazine:

The lawsuit was filed September 30 by Patricia Gavin. It is described by Courthouse News: “Sexual assault, theft, false imprisonment, and privacy actions where the plaintiff asserts she was pinned against the wall in a restaurant by the defendant and sexually assaulted, among other things.”


Raiders Fans are Badass Tailgaters