Shortest Video Ever On YouTube!



Woot! It’s A Dance Party with Little Shawn Stevenson

As Shawn says, “life’s too short” so have a dance party at least 3 times a day.  Let Shawn show you how to do it…


Let’s Play “WTF Are They Doing”?

Please tell me “WTF Are They Doing”…


Twisted Halloween Costume Ideas

Tired of the same old boring costumes? Here’s a few ideas that should certainly get you noticed…


10 Most Extreme Female Bodies


Lets Play “Who’s the Whore”?

One of these women claims to have slept with over 5,000 men.  Can you guess which one it is?

In fact, match each woman to the number of partners they’ve had: 0, 1,  5, 25, 50 or 5,000!


Funny Video: Katy Perry Spoof on Chatroulette

Katy Perry impersonator Steve Kardynal takes to Chatroulette to perform a lip-dub of “Peacock.”

The guy that recorded this says that this video was filmed over a 4 day period and that he spent over 20 hours on Chatroulette to get these reactions.  He also said that about 90% of those 20 hours was him seeing nothing but penis. But that’s anytime on Chatroulette…


Chris Andersen Is ‘Free As A Bird’, Has Tattoo To Prove It

If you were wondering how the Denver Nuggets’ Chris Andersen is feeling these days (and I’m pretty sure you weren’t), the writing is on his neck.  And it appears as though the one they call “Birdman” is feeling as free as a bird.

25 Pics of Muscle Women That Could Crush You!!!

VIDEO: You Make The Call… Who’s the Bigger Jerk?

You make the call: The fat chick approaches the turnstile at the same time as the guy trying to exit the subway.  She swiped her pass and wanted to push on through while the guy just wanted to get out.  It appears she wins until she gets tripped up, literally!

So who’s the bigger jerk? Her for being a pushy bitch or him for being a douche for tripping her after she beat him at the turnstile?


Jacked Up Names to Call Your School

Tiny Tits School