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Audio: “New York, New York!” (RANGERS REMIX)

This song made it’s debut this morning on the Jagger & Barsky Show on The FAN… In case you miseed it, check it out here!


Video: The Texas Rangers Win in the Post Season!

This is from a fellow Jagger  Mafia member, Andrew Boat.  Nice job Andrew and Go Rangers!!!


Mickey Mantle Nude in the Locker Room

This picture ended up, on of all places, and seems to be a legit pic from the 1950’s.  Obviously Mantle is not a shy guy and it’s funny to see everyone else in the locker room dressed in suites and fedoras from that era.

The ESPN magazine “Body Issue” would have been all over mantle if they were publishing that issue back then.

Is Mantle a slugger?  You make the call…


Derek Jeter is a Cheater

In the seventh inning of the Rays/Yankees game on Wednesday with Derek Jeter in the box Chad Qualls threw a pitch that seemed to brush the Yankee captain.

At least in umpire Lance Barksdale’s mind. The next batter, Curtis Granderson, took Qualls deep, giving the Yankees the lead.

Had the game ended with the Yankees winning because of that call it would have been one of the worst calls in baseball this season.


Phillies Boob Grab (video)

Nothing says boob grab like a Phillies fan on national television!


Can Rangers Fans Learn Anything from Cubs Fans?

Line Drive Home Run Ball to the Head

Keep your eye on this guy as the ball comes right at him!

Multiple video replays in slow motion after the jump…