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Has Anyone Found DeSean Jackson’s Head Yet?

There’s now talk of the NFL suspending players for hits like this on Jackson.  Going after receivers is a defenders job, how do you take that out of the game?



Video: Cowboys Final Play Against The Vikings

This is the circus play that ended a very bad day for the Cowboys.  At least we can get a laugh out of this, thanks to the Benny Hill music soundtrack…


VIDEO: Taiwanese CGI Animators Take on Brett Favre Scandal

You knew the Taiwanese animated depiction of the Brett Favre scandal was inevitable, and here it is, as good as you imagined…


The Randy Moss – Tom Brady Altercation

Randy Moss told Tom Brady his haircut made him look like a girl…

Do You Want to See Brett Favre’s Crank? (Really?) (Are You Sure?) finally posted the tapes of Brett Favre’s voice mails to Jen Sterger and the cell pics that he apparently sent her of his junk. If you really miss ChatRoulette, and really want to see Favre’s stuff, then click away…


Eagles Fan Wearing Tube Socks, Dawkins Jersey Dropping Bombs On Jags Fan

Premise of Video: Just another shitty Sunday in Jacksonville and the Eagles are in town to put a beating on the home team. The fans decide the action on the field sucks so it’s time for some trash talk and fists. Of course the Eagles fan is happy to oblige. These morons go through grade school and take music, math, science, grammar and fighting.

Climax of Video: It gets going pretty quickly. Dawkins guy in the tube socks starts pounding Jags fan about 10 seconds in.

Conclusion: Of course Eagles fan claims Jag fans started the shit. Yeah, right…


The NFL Stadium Food Power Rankings

Where does Cowboys Stadium land on the list? It’s not #1…


Video: Jaguars’ Mascot Bungees In For Grand Entrance

When fans in attendance to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday afternoon saw Jaxson de Ville standing on top of a lighting tower at EverBank Stadium, they must have feared that the beloved Jaguar was contemplating suicide.  After all, cheering for the dreadful Jaguars and their inept offensive unit will do that to some fans.


Michael Vick: The Movie Casting plus Vick’s Sunday Highlights Video

It’s becoming more and more obvious with each passing day (and the occasional scrambling day, but only when the pocket collapses) that the Michael Vick saga can end but one way…with a major Hollywood movie. Michael Oher got a movie and all he did was move in with a well off family and play some solid offensive line in high school. That’s nothing compared to Vick’s tales of adventure.


RUMOUR – Cowboys On The Verge of Firing Wade Phillips

Kevin Lee

Written by Kevin Lee
on September 22, 2010

UPDATE – 7pm EST – One of my original two sources on this story has stated that Jerry Jones wants a longterm solution for his HC and is really working the phones about getting this done.  Believe it or not, the name of Jimmy Johnson has been mentioned to me before but not until getting confirmation at dinner tonight.   I now believe Johnson could actually be among one of the three former head coaches that Jones seriously wants roaming the Dallas sidelines.  Who would you take – Johnson, Billick or Cowher?UPDATE – 2pm EST – Jon Gruden has a clause in his MNF contract that won’t allow him to leave his analyst position to take the Cowboys HC position if Phillips was fired.  As well, Tony Dungee has gone on record as saying he won’t coach this year.


Dexter McCluster Warns Against Texting and Driving in Hilarious Fashion (video)

Kansas City Chiefs rookie Dexter McCluster has already paid dividends on the field after returning a punt 94 yards for a touchdown in a win against the San Diego Chargers.

Now the electrifying speedster is coming to the community with a very important message: “If you want to stay alive, don’t text and drive.”