Dallas Cowboys

Video: Cowboys Final Play Against The Vikings

This is the circus play that ended a very bad day for the Cowboys.  At least we can get a laugh out of this, thanks to the Benny Hill music soundtrack…



Videos: Top 10 Greatest Football Catches of All Time

The Top 10 Greatest Football Catches of All Time and Honorable Mention catches from Drew Pearson, Butch Johnson and Roy Williams…


Video: Talking Shit At Texans vs. Cowboys Tailgate Gets You Sucker Punched, Kicked In The Face

It’s one thing to sucker punch a dude when he’s not looking, but kicking him in the face when his bloodied mug is against a truck tire is another violation of man code.

Turn up the volume and you can hear foot meeting trash talker’s face… you can stop watching after the 1st minute, nothing happens beyond that besides arrests being made…


Meet Lord Romo, Super Cowboys Fan

Lord Romo of Douchebaggery helms from the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
I can only imagine that his saucy companion had to forcibly remove the “Lady Jessica” lettering from her flowing gowns.
Time to quote the Bard:
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
So here’s to thee, Lord Romo.

But wait, meet Lord Witten and Jester Jones…


Jerry Jones Hit With Sexual Assault Suit

From D Magazine:

The lawsuit was filed September 30 by Patricia Gavin. It is described by Courthouse News: “Sexual assault, theft, false imprisonment, and privacy actions where the plaintiff asserts she was pinned against the wall in a restaurant by the defendant and sexually assaulted, among other things.”


Cowboys Cheerleaders with Horny Sorry Looking Dudes


Can’t a sap  guy get a pic with the hottest cheerleaders in the world…


Video: One Bad Ass Custom Cowboys Truck

Cowboys Life, Car Club: Customized Chevy Suburban

How much you gotta spend to turn a Suburban into this custom Cowboys machine?  It looks like no expense was sparred!


Too Early For The Cowboys Fan on Your Christmas List?

If you have a Cowboys fan that eats, breaths and shits Dallas Cowboys, then this could be the perfect gift for them… available on eBay.


The NFL Stadium Food Power Rankings

Where does Cowboys Stadium land on the list? It’s not #1…


Video: Cowboys vs. Texans Confused Referee

About 3 minutes into the 4th quarter there was a play that involved 3 different penalties that the referee was trying to explain. First he pauses to double-check and then he still struggles getting all the info out…


RUMOUR – Cowboys On The Verge of Firing Wade Phillips

Kevin Lee

Written by Kevin Lee
on September 22, 2010

UPDATE – 7pm EST – One of my original two sources on this story has stated that Jerry Jones wants a longterm solution for his HC and is really working the phones about getting this done.  Believe it or not, the name of Jimmy Johnson has been mentioned to me before but not until getting confirmation at dinner tonight.   I now believe Johnson could actually be among one of the three former head coaches that Jones seriously wants roaming the Dallas sidelines.  Who would you take – Johnson, Billick or Cowher?UPDATE – 2pm EST – Jon Gruden has a clause in his MNF contract that won’t allow him to leave his analyst position to take the Cowboys HC position if Phillips was fired.  As well, Tony Dungee has gone on record as saying he won’t coach this year.