Funny Sports Jerseys

These guys paid good money for these jerseys (at least some of them).

funny-jersey (3)
Everybody loves a good finger bang now and again. So what better way to celebrate this often overlooked sexual act than with a customized “Finger Bang” jersey (besides an actual finger bang, of course).

funny-jersey (25)
Homophobia is no laughing matter. That being said, this jersey is friggen hilarious.

funny-jersey (5)
Ryan Leaf? The only way this picture makes any sense is if he’s going to buy that charcoal and burn that jersey.

funny-jersey (8)
Nothing goes together like football and right-wing politics.

funny-jersey (23)
Don’t let the 2 and 0 start full you. Even their own fans know that the Chiefs suck the big one!

I hope he’s wearing that because he lost a bet, but I doubt it!


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